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Our Mission

CivilTalk was created in hopes of shifting the current paradigm from one of confrontation to one of cooperation and mutual respect. Our mission is to provide you a safe and secure, verified community for US citizens and legal residents only—a community to civilly discuss the issues that effect us all, without foreign interference, bots, or trolls.

Join us and help cultivate a world of open mindedness, new ideas, and positive change.

Our Story

A few years ago, the idea of CivilTalk started with a phone call. Matt, our co-founder, called his friend Kate and told her about his mom's frustration with social media. Matt's mom simply wanted to share her thoughts and make a difference in her community. However, she found time and time again that her voice was drowned out by all the online trolls and hateful comments. Was there a way to give people a voice again and have a civil discussion?

With the help of Kate, and a few like-minded individuals, the team created CivilTalk. CivilTalk's mission is to connect people with each other so they can listen, learn, and collaborate on solutions, without the fear of being shutdown or drowned out.

Change starts with civil discussion.

Meet the CivilTalk Team

Matt Cremins Portrait

Matt Cremins


Keith Fox Portrait

Keith Fox


Kate Fox Portrait

Kate Fox

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Marco Prouve Portrait

Marco Prouve

Co-Founder, Lead Developer

Mike Castor Portrait

Mike Castor

Co-Founder, Web Developer

Andrea Stalf Portrait

Andrea Stalf

Chief Marketing Officer

Tara Wilson Portrait

Tara Wilson

Mobile Developer

Nick Tartaro Portrait

Nick Tartaro

Mobile Developer