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Engage on the issues you care about and learn from your peers. CivilTalk is a verified, online community, where you are in control.

The Problem

Social media divides us. Misinformation is rampant and sometimes spread through fake or paid accounts. Our data is being sold and our time online creates profits for some of the largest corporations while we lose hope and trust in one another.

Enough is enough

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The Solution

CivilTalk is purpose-built to address the perils of social media. Our members are real, verified people. Our discussions take place in a controlled, civil, peer to peer environment. Oh, and your data is never sold.

Use your voice with confidence.

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Engage with others on your terms

With CivilTalk, you are in control. You choose who you engage with and who engages with you, civilly. Express your ideas and ask questions freely, without the fear of unwanted comments.

Interested to learn more?

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The CivilTalk promise to you

We promise to be mediators and mediators only.
We promise to strive for a civil community without hate, bullying, or threats.
We promise not to sell your data.

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Civiltalk facilitates constructive discourse. It provides informed citizens and elected officials a platform to consider issues that effect constituents at local, state, and national levels

Vince Vezza

Concord, NC

Help reunite our nation and build a better tomorrow.