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Social Emotional Learning in Higher Education

CivilTalk is committed to university students, who are preparing to pursue their passions and contribute to our world in innovative and exciting ways.

University Students, CivilTalk strives to do the following:

• Help students perform better individually and within teams.
• Help students find words to describe and communicate their emotions coherently, and consequently more legible.
• Give students a space to become more self-conscious of their triggers and their emotional responses.
• Offer tools and strategies to master and influence their own emotions.
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Raise Awareness

With CivilTalk’s service, your Social Emotional Learning leads to:

• Enhanced self-awareness, social awareness, and relationship skills
• The ability to successfully and effectively work in teams
• Strengthened self-regulatory skills and capacity for responsible decision-making
• Boosted emotional intelligence and empathy
• Strengthened grit, determination, and persistence
• A well-nurtured growth mind-set
• Cultivated ability to self-manage emotions
• A pathway to skilled leadership positions

For university students,

CivilTalk is your ongoing resource for your emotional well-being and prepares you for professional and social engagements post-graduation. Emotional learning should not begin and end at the K-12 level.
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